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Arizona Responsible Individual Services

We do services for Mortgage Brokers and Mortgage Bankers.  


What does a responsible individual do?

Each of my services cater towards getting my clients the best options possible. My clients include mortgage brokers and bankers that require an Arizona responsible individual. They use my license to operate and I represent them in state compliance examinations.

My scope of services include: 

  • Assisting you as your responsible individual as defined by Arizona statutes.

  • Aid in the drafting of a detailed follow up after the AZDFI examination.

  • Prepare the company for the AZDFI exam which consists of reviewing in depth the books, records and information of the company.

  • Also, help with the paperwork from the Arizona Corporations Comm and Secretary of State to avoid postponement.

  • Collaborating with initial and renewal application for an Arizona mortgage license by evaluating the application for accuracy and completeness.

  • To serve as your Statutory Agent with the Arizona Corporations Commission when necessary.

  • In order to make Arizona state compliance revise all marketing and advertising material.

  • Be present at the examination for the company, at no additional charge.

  • Providing the brick and mortar location where we can meet face to face.​

  • Draw up any of consumers complaints. 

  • Answer all questions in regards to compliance, marketing, comp plans or any other necessary request.

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